We are a group of young people called to be bold disciples of Jesus Christ: unabashed in their love and courageous in their service to others.

MISSION - The youth ministry of St Martin de Porres- is committed to living the Parish’s mission on a daily basis, through its values to be deeply rooted in Christ; be lovingly compassionate; be warmly welcoming; be boldly creative and be passionately engaged.

CORE VALUES - The Core Values of SMDP Youth Ministry is to:

  1. INVEST TIME - commit to investing in spending quality and quantity time.
  2. LOVE - commit to loving our youth unconditionally, cheerfully, faithfully; expressing that love in appropriate ways.
  3. PRAYER - commit to praying for and with them faithfully and regularly
  4. MENTOR - commit to mentoring them through their questions of faith and daily experiences.
  5. INSTRUCT - commit to instructing them the core doctrines of the Christian faith in ways that creatively engage their hearts and minds.
  6. EQUIP - commit to equipping them to grow spiritually and to lead healthy, wise, and productive lives. 
  7. INSPIRE - commit to inspiring our youth by modeling an example of passionately following Jesus Christ and consistently living healthy, wise and productive lives
  8. IGNITE - commit to igniting our youth with a passion for Christ and others; we must regularly create opportunities for them to worship, serve the Church, minister to the needy and evangelize.

ACTITIVIES - We serve others through community service.  SMDP has two very active youth groups- Juniors within the ages of 4-11 and SENIORS within ages of 12-29. Through these groups the youths become involved in

  1. Participating in community service 
  2. Feeding those in need 
  3. Visiting the children’s home 
  4. Visiting the elderly home
  5. Adopting a grand parent
  6. Preparing a “bag of hope” with inspirational cards for the sick
  7.  Attending weekly youth group meetings for the Seniors and bible school for the juniors. It is through these activities each member is driven by the mission to have compassion, respect, love, and evangelize to others.